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     As cleaners go, those I had the pleasure of welcoming into my home from Carpet Cleaner Heston were of the highest order. I was thrilled with the work they carried out and will certainly be using their services again.
Kat R19/05/2020
      Carpet Cleaning Company Heston did a great job when I needed house cleaning before I could sell my house. I've referred them to friends and neighbours ever since. Great work and excellent customer service!
Marvin Leopold20/09/2019
     The cleaners truly were amazing. My house was sparkling when they'd finished. Would hire Carpet Cleaning Company Heston again!
Joe M.11/06/2018
     I was moving out of my rental apartment and feeling pretty stressed. In between organising the moving van and packing all my things into boxes, I realised that I needed to have the place looking clean and tidy. I was barley up for that challenge on top of doing everything else. So I called HestonCarpetCleaners and they told me they could send out professional cleaners to deep clean the place. I'm so glad they did. Everything looked awesome and I got my entire bond back.
Kaitlyn C.24/03/2015
     This is one of the best cleaning companies I have ever hired! HestonCarpetCleaners were one of the many companies we were considering to hire, but after a friends recommendation, we went with them and they didn't let us down. One of the issues we've had over the years is the fact that we work to very strict dead-lines, and if any part doesn't work, it really messes things up. This business are top of my list of preferred people to work with now. Not only were the workers very motivated but they fitted in with the other staff too and helped with their professionalism as a whole.
Melissa T.23/10/2014
     I would highly recommend HestonCarpetCleaners. I was reluctant to use a cleaning company at first because didn't know what to expect but I'm so glad that I decided to use them in the end. They have done a superb job for me, they were extremely friendly, they do not judge or care about the current state of things in fact they say the dirtier the better as it makes their job much more challenging and the results are more effective. I am so pleased at the results, I would not have had the time or the know-how to do what they have done, and it's well worth every penny.
     Hiring a professional cleaner wasn't something I'd been planning on doing, but my household cleaning jobs were becoming too much for me to handle on my own. I'm very fussy when it comes to cleaning, and I hired HestonCarpetCleaners without very high expectations, as few people are able to meet my standards! The service absolutely blew me away - not only was everything clean and sanitary, but even those places that everyone misses were spotless! I couldn't find a single flaw, and now I enjoy having my house cleaned regularly. I recommend this company completely, one of the best cleaning companies possible!
Andrea T.17/04/2014
     Essentially, a clean office means a more happy work force and easily impressed clients. This is why I get HestonCarpetCleaners in every day after the staff have left to ensure that the place is cleaned appropriately. The team are fantastic, sometimes there will be less to do and it takes them less time, and they let me know and charge a little less, which is very nice of them! I have no qualms about allowing them access to the office after hours, and I am seriously impressed by the value for money that they offer. A great company.
Doris Harris07/01/2014